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Conference: Setting the Bar

November 9-10-11

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Panels offer attendees a range of professional speakers from a wide variety of fields in the sports industry. Each speaker on a panel provide insights gathered over their career from working for leagues and organizations in the 5 major sports leagues in North America. Panels are open to everyone who attends on the designated day of that panel.    

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Workshops are an excellent way for students to be engaged with industry professionals with a greater focus. Attendees will get an in depth understanding of the individual speakers position and the organization or league they work for. Workshops are chosen on the day of and with speakers from all backgrounds, we are sure to have a workshop for everyone to enjoy. 

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Though we mean business, sports is in our hearts and we want attendees to help us celebrate it. Our conference offers nights out to experience the Montreal night life while showcasing their enthusiasm towards their favourite sports team or player. 


Aside from our regular conference activities, teams can register to take part in our case competition. Rewards are awarded to the winning team. It is important to note that the case competition is not open to all attendees and if you wish to participate in the case competition, please select the case competition on top of your regular ticket purchase.  




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